Rounded Rectangle: Sails and fabric parts


Sail loft: We use up to date laminated Technora, black Aramid & carbon X-Tech ply plus other sail cloth from Dimension Polyant, Bainbridge and Challenge.


We take on customer R&D to perfect production sails.


We make sails for other companies that certify aircraft.


Ask for quote

X-Air & Falcon covers: Made in Black PU waterproof, breathable fabric for permanent outside parking. Custom made glove like fitting. Will stop UV damage to your aircraft.


Including engine and propeller cover.


Price = £499 Incl. packing & delivery to most of mainland Europe.


All panels, to cover one complete aircraft.

X-Air. And Falcon.

All weather covers

Flexwing all weather covers

Jerry can / Utility bags

Jerry can / Utility bag: Made from waterproof, breathable material.  2 compartments inside. Loops for seat belts


Price £69 each.


Incl. packaging delivery to mainland Europe

Text Box: Hangar Cover with 7 webbing loops for attachment of pulleys to roof (for lift up)

Hangar covers for Flexwings

Text Box: Velcro  panel for king post aerial
Text Box: Price: £ 235. Incl. packing & delivery to most of mainland Europe

Sails for UK  SSDR wings

Q2 for SSDR. With Technora reinforcements & ptfe thread.

£ 1,466


OR the above with regular reinforcements and thread

£ 1299

Including delivery to the UK

Side bags. Magic & Easy trikes

For Magic & Easy trikes: Additional integral aerodynamic shaped storage bags. Separate internal lift out bags. Allows huge baggage volume for those long distance stop over flights.


Price £ 99. If bought with trike.


Incl. packaging delivery to mainland Europe

X-Air & Falcon. NEW sails

For agents who want to certify our sails in relevant countries.

£ 1,719 - Euros 2367 - $ 2668. Full set as original


Wings only: £ 1144 - Euros 1575 -

$ 1776

Incl. packing & delivery to most of mainland Europe.

Incl. packing & delivery to most of mainland Europe.

Comes with separate ground sheet & pegs. Air scoops for circulation. Secondary webbing belts with screw in tie downs over the top cover for gale force protection.


Price: £379


Inclusive of packing & deliver to most of mainland Europe.


Seriously affordable


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We work with other aero sports companies producing sails and machined parts for certified aircraft


Ask us for a quote.

CHASER: £ 1142 


FLASH  1 sails: £ 1178


Incl. packing & delivery to the UK

NEW sails for SSDR wings

New batten ends available. e mail for details.

New batten ends available. e mail for details.

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