Powered Hang Glider with Hirth enginePowered hang glider with V-17 wing and 50 hp for good performance

Features: Very easy and very confidence inspiring to fly. Heavily padded seats for long comfortable flights. Machined parts for all joints & couplings (No welding) and 8 inch wheels & tyres for rugged operation on both tarmac and un prepared airfields make it easy to land anywhere.


As an entry level machine, there is nothing basic about the Kudos V-17. Unique “TLS” trike to wing de - rig system makes lifting the wing onto the trike very light work.


Easy adjustment on front forks for pilot leg length for the taller pilots are a standard feature on all Ace Aviation’s trikes.


Standard large flush fitting zipped side bags to take most of the equipment on any long X-C flight.


High build and finish quality that we are renowned for.


2017 price:  ₤ 5999. Trike & Wing only.  Delivery extra. Ask for Dealers price

Standard design features:


· Alloy Wheels, tarmac tyres & Disc brake on front.

· “TLS” trike pylon/Mast for easy, one person wing lift.

· Rear fairing has 2 zipped bags.

· Adjustable forks with 120 mm leg movement.

· Instrument Binnacle with cruise throttle. Instruments bought separately.

· Over center batten ends with Allen key adjustment. No need to take the battens out for adjustment.

· Wired for kill switch & starter button. Complete wiring when buying engine.

· Cruise and Foot throttle, standard.

· Adjustable wing tips for washout and sail tension. Without the need to de-rig.

· Aero type release seat buckles.

· 40 liter ethanol resistant fuel tank.

· Machined 1 piece hang block

Rounded Rectangle: Kudos V-17
Text Box: Statistics
Text Box: KUDOS  -  V-17
Text Box: Wing area 
Text Box: 17 sq meters
Text Box: Wing span
Text Box: 9.99 meters
Text Box: Empty weight
Text Box: 152 KG (335 Lbs)
Text Box: M.A.U.W.
Text Box: 390 KG (860 Lbs)
Text Box: Fuel tank capacity
Text Box: 40 lts (10.5 US gallons)
Text Box: Range
Text Box: Over 230 miles.
Text Box: Stall speed
Text Box: 32 Mph 51 Kph)
Text Box: 42-52 Mph
(84 - 105 Kph
Text Box: Cruise speed
Text Box: 50 - 65 Hp
Text Box: Power output
Text Box: Engines
Text Box: Hirth F23 / 3203 / Rotax 582 / HKS 700 E
Text Box:  68 Mph (108 Kph)
Text Box: Vne
Text Box: 750/1000 Fpm.
Text Box: Climb rate at MAUW

Seriously affordable


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